Version 1.3 What's new

Bibliovore version 1.3 implements the following improvements:

Access to OPDS catalogs

The Open Publication Distribution System (OPDS) Catalog format is a syndication format for electronic publications based on Atom and HTTP. OPDS Catalogs enable the aggregation, distribution, discovery, and acquisition of electronic publications. OPDS Catalogs use existing or emergent open standards and conventions, with a priority on simplicity. (Wikipedia definition )
Bibliovore is now able to browse such libraries. Two famous librairies have been enabled:

Users can browse the content of online library but also make search requests from within the application. Books are downloaded and indexed in the application allowing to read books offline.

Generic covers

Sometimes epub files have no cover. In such case, Bibliovore now generates a generic cover so that all books have a cover, thus unifying the UI and the user experience.

UI Improvements

  • Home page accordion has been improved when there are less than 5 books in the library
  • Improvement on the home page accordion animation
  • Improved 96dpi devices design
  • A margin has been added on the book list
  • Redesign of the templates to integrate generic covers
  • Added margins on the Bibliovore logo in the top appbar
  • Removed a margin which appeared beyond the last read book
  • Added a specific color for the description pane on the book detail page


  • Changed SkyDrive labels to OneDrive
  • Changed the path of the OneDrive Repository from 'Windows 8\Bibliovore\Books' to 'BibliovoreApp'
  • Handles "Online-only" elements available from OneDrive

Contact pane

  • Added a twitter link
  • Added a link to UserVoice 

Technical improvements

  • Handles unicode file names in the epub file.

Bug fixes

  • Solved issue when was null
  • Fix the issue where some inner links (a link from within the book) were not working
  • Correction on the mcnext.appservices library when there is no internet connection available
  • Some translations mistakes were corrected

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