Version 2.0 What's new

Bibliovore 2.0 brings up a lot of new features: PDF file reading, book's metadata modification, reading themes...

PDF file reading

Bibliovore is now able to read PDF file format and to organize them into your personal library according to the data contained within the file. Used in conjonction with metadata modification functionnality, you will be able to organise your library at will. Adding PDF files is as simple as adding any other file. You can either add a single file or add a full directory.

Metadata modification

Until now, Bibliovore was able to organise your library according to the metadata the epub files contained. As the metadata are not always correct or are not always available, we wanted to give freedom to the user to organize its own library as he wants:
When the book's detail page is opened, new actions are available from the appbar. Among those options is book modification action.
  • One can change book's cover "clicking" on it
  • One can modify book's information as the title, the description, book's serie...
  • One can add or modify book's author and book's category
Moreover, you can also modifiy authors, categories and series information from their detailed screen. Two options are available;
  • Rename
  • Merge

Merge allows to group books in a single area when there were two. For instance you can have books which author is William Shakespeare while others are from Shakespeare William. Merging those authors will make all books have the same author.

Reading themes (epub only)

When reading a book, you can choose between day and night mode reading. Now you can choose the theme which will apply to each of this mode from the application settings.


A zoom is now available when reading a book. Simply pinch in/out to zoom/dezoom. This is very useful when reading PDF books.

Reading font

By default, Bibliovore uses the publisher font and size. Now you can override this and select the font, the size and the line spacing to use for a given book. This option is available when reading a book.

Other Improvements

  • Apply the default stylesheet to the first page of the book
  • Fix the issue indicating that a book is not available when there is a missing stylesheet in the epub file
  • Fix various issues on file encoding

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